A few months ago I speculated about which Hogwarts house Pete the Cat would belong in. (Spoiler: It’s Hufflepuff). Today, I am breaking my summer silence to sort The Pigeon.

Like Pete, I have a really strong hunch about where I think he’ll end up, but I want to be thorough. Being stuck in the wrong house would be terrible.


Right away, I think we can cross Gryffindor off of the list. I can’t think of any indication that The Pigeon has any more courage than your average pigeon. The incident with the dog comes to mind. He really wanted a dog, until actually he got one. He was terrified. Nope. Probably not a Gryffindor.


I dunno, I can’t think of any good reasons to put him in Ravenclaw either, unless you count that time he wanted to watch that documentary on birds? I think he was really just avoiding bedtime, though.


Again, I don’t see any evidence for Hufflepuff, either.


Bingo. The Pigeon knows what he wants, and he’ll do anything to get it. He’ll try to trick you, he’ll lie to you (No, your cousin Herb doesn’t drive a bus almost every day, Pigeon. Do you even have a cousin Herb?) He’ll use whatever resources are at his disposal (sadly, not many, him being a pigeon and all) to get what he wants.  In my mind, there isn’t much doubt.

Just to be sure, though, I took the Pottermore quiz, and answered the questions as The Pigeon would.


Congrats on your new house, Pigeon. I think it will suit you. I hope they let you drive the Hogwarts Express.

Ps. Stay away from the owls.