Have you ever met one of those people who ask you what Hogwarts house you claim before they even ask you where your from?  Well, I’m one of those people. I like my friends and colleagues all neatly sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Today, I was chatting with a 3rd grade girl and we were sorting all of the Warriors cats into Hogwarts houses. She laughed and said, this is fun sorting all of these Warriors cats, but what about Pete the Cat?

I immediately knew that there was a blog post there (I didn’t say it would be a good one). Maybe even a series of blog posts.

Which Hogwarts house would Pete belong to? My gut immediately said Hufflepuff. He’s pretty hard working in Pete The Cat Saves Christmas, and he’s pretty loyal to his new friend in Pete the Cat and the New Guy, but I mainly lean towards Hufflepuff because he’s so chill. He’s the most laid back kid lit character out there. It’s impossible to phase that guy.

There’s no inclination that he would be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw? He doesn’t seem too ambitious or studious.

But what about Gryffindor? He’s very brave in Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes and also in Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. What if my gut was wrong?

I asked the 3rd grade girl, and she told me I was overthinking it. She said Pete is very obviously a Hufflepuff.

I was conflicted. I didn’t want to put Pete in the wrong house!

The Sorting Hat doesn’t just take someone’s characteristics into account, otherwise Hermione would have been a Ravenclaw, Tonks a Gryffindor and Peter Pettigrew a Slytherin (seriously, though. How DID that guy get in Gryffindor? Did the Sorting Hat have too much firewhiskey that particular day?) So there’s something more there than just looking at personality traits.

I decided to settle it once and for all by channeling my inner Pete and taking the Pottermore Sorting quiz. I answered all of the questions as best as I could as if I was Pete the Cat.  Of course, the result was Hufflepuff. I should have just trusted my gut.