10 Picture Books with Main Characters of Color

The other day I made a quick post about three books that discuss or have a theme of racism and police brutality in America. The response to that post has been great. Lots of friends ordered one  or more of those three books and were excited to read them.

I’ve also been getting quite a few Facebook messages from parents of younger kids asking me for recommendations for good picture books with main characters that aren’t white. My heart is very heavy right now, but these requests have brought me a little joy because I have rarely gotten those types of questions when I wasn’t physically in the library working. To me, that’s a sign that some people are trying to do better about sharing stories with their kids about characters who don’t look like them or have the same experiences that they do.

Anyways, here is a list of a ten books that I personally love and read to my students pretty often. There are so many out there, but these are some of my favorites. They are in no particular order,


That is only ten of so, so many, but it’s a starting point. Feel free to comment some of your favorites as well. I want to give a special thank you for those of you asking, Our kids are the future.


Published by Benji

I am an elementary school librarian in Montgomery, AL.

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