In the last few weeks the publishing gods have been extremely generous to us and have rained down many blessings in graphic novel form.

We should pause and take a moment to just be thankful.


They’ve been particularly generous with sequels.

I mean, just look at this:


Each one of these comes from a very popular series. The student demand is huge, and my waiting lists are long.

I still have a copy of Guts out there that was snatched off of my desk before I could do anything with it and it was never properly processed into the library.

The only thing missing to make this list complete is a brand new Amulet book. (I saw on Instagram yesterday that it is in the works)

A new Hilo would be cool, too.

The publishing gods didn’t stop with just sequels, though. They saw fit to bless us with this beauty:

queen of the sea

My son made fun of me on my third day of reading this book, “Dad! How long does it take you to read a graphic novel?!”

What he didn’t know is that I was taking my time and strolling through it. You don’t sprint through the Louvre, right? You don’t rush though a wonderful work like this, either.

I don’t know if I’ve ever finished a graphic novel before and immediately missed the characters as soon as I closed the book.

I am hoping that next year, I can write a graphic novel post and include this series in the sequel section. There’s got to be more.

This one is also really good.


We need to remember to be thankful, so the gods will remember to send us more.

We are waiting with open hands ready to receive.