One day last week, I was sitting there minding my own business and having a normal work day, when my wife sent me a message.

It said, “How many of these do you know?” and was accompanied by the following photo.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 8.41.42 AM

If you know me, you know that my temptation was to drop everything I was doing and to not stop working on this until I had every single one figured out. At first glance, I knew fourteen out of twenty, for sure, and there were a few that I recognized the illustrator or character, but wasn’t sure which exact book they were from.

I had too much to do, though, so I  reluctantly put it out of my mind until my lunch break.

During lunch, I revisited the photo. I found out that it was a bunch of cookies created by the amazingly talented Murrah Rodriguez.   I also found out that the first person to correctly identify all twenty picture book titles would win the cookies. I envisioned myself coming home one day with a bag of kid lit cookies for my kids, transformed from librarian dad into a cookie-providing-hero.

I hit the stacks furiously, pulling picture book suspects and flying through the illustrations fo find matches.  This brought my total up to eighteen, but there were still two books I could not get.

With a little more work I got one more title, but unfortunately, I did not win the cookies. That little prairie-dog-looking-guy on cookie nine proved to be my downfall.

What about you? How many picture books can you name?

If you want to see the answers, click here and here. No cheating, though! Give it an honest shot before you click!

Also, if you want to order some cookies or other beautiful desserts, give Murrah a call. Her stuff looks amazing.