The school year is over and has been for three weeks or so, but I got busy at the end of the year and never did one of these most circulated books of the year lists.

It felt like there was just something left undone, and I’ve had this unsettled feeling ever since, so I decided to just go ahead and pull the numbers, so it can finally feel like summer time.

For the last three years, the same book has won. I can’t really explain it, but the numbers don’t lie. We are in a Book, by Mo Willems has been the most popular book in our school for quite a while. Could 2019 be the year that we get a new champion? Let’s find out.

#10. Elephants Cannot Dance– 32 checkouts


#9. I Really Like Slop-33 checkouts


#8. I am Invited to a Party! – 33 checkouts


#7. Sofia the 1st: The Curse of Princess Ivy- 35 checkouts


#6. Amulet (book 1)– 38 checkouts


#5. My New Friend is so Fun!- 39 checkouts

new friend

#4. Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas- 48 checkouts

Lord of the fleas

#3. Smile– 56 checkouts


#2. We are in a Book!- 60 Checkouts


#1. Dog Man: A Tale of two Kitties- 61 checkouts

dogman tale

It’s official! Dog Man has dethroned Elephant and Piggie! And by one book checked out! Talk about a close one! Congrats to Dav Pilkey! Dethroning Elephant and Piggie is a tough thing to do in our school.

I hope you are all having a great summer!