It’s also time for me to pull the circulation stats, and see which books my students checked out the most.

#1. We Are in a Book– 11 check outs


I gotta say. I don’t really get it. My students love all of the Elephant and Piggie books, but for some reason, this one circulates the most, by far, on a regular basis. It’s been the most checked out book of the entire school year, three years in a row. Any ideas as to why this one in particular is so popular? Is it the “bananas?” The characters breaking the 4th wall? Is it Gerald having to accept that his story will one day end, and staring his own mortality in the face?  Who knows. Either way, this book rules this school.

#2. Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas- 10 check outs

Lord of the fleas

I predicted last month that this one would be on the list soon, and I was right. It quickly zoomed up to the number 2 spot. It is very rarely on the shelf.

#3. The 78-Story Tree House- 8 check outs

78 story

No surprise here. This series is wildly popular.

#4. Dog Man: Unleashed- 7 checkouts


#5.Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy- 6 check outs


This was the biggest surprise this month. For some reason, a lot of kids checked out this particular Fancy Nancy book.

#6. I Broke my Trunk-6 checkouts


#7. Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties-6 checkouts

dogman tale

#8. 91- Story Tree House- 6 checkouts

91 story

This one also wins the award for “Book that generated the longest hold list.” Seriously. Like 15 kids wanted this book at once.

#9. Who Was Albert Einstein- 5 check outs


This one was kind of a surprise, but not really. I’ve often wondered when a Who Was book would grace the list. Who Was is one of the most popular series in our school.

#10. Elephant and Piggie Biggie- 5 check outs


What’s better than an Elephant and Piggie book? 5 Elephant and Piggie books in one. I got this one last year, but it stayed checked out by one kid for a really long time. It’s back, and it’s very popular.

That’s it! What are the kids in your life reading right now?