It is officially the day before the last day of school! Woo Hoo! This week we’re looking at what books have circulated best in my elementary school library this year. Today we’re looking at nonfiction. I’m typing  this before looking at the stats, and I’m going to predict lots of Minecraft and Pokemon books. We’ll see if I’m right.

#10. The Ultimate Minecraft Creator


Well, look at that. We’re opening things up with a Minecraft book.

#9. The Airport Book


Yes! I love this book. It’s a great one.

#8. The Minecraft Construction Handbook


Here’s our 2nd Minecraft title.

#7. Star Wars Millennium Falcon YT-1300 a 3D Owners Guide


This book is actually pretty cool. As you turn the pages you see a different layer of the Falcon. It’s been pretty popular.

#6. Minecraft Combat Handbook


Whoever decided to put these handbooks into little separate books instead of a great big volume was a money making genius.

#5. Guinness Book of World Records 2018 Gamers Edition


I should have kept count of how many times this book is read in-house and not checked out. It’s a favorite, and kids who didn’t bring their books back to school and don’t want to check out a new one, love browsing it.

#4. Guinness Book of World Records 2016 Gamers Edition


Now why would the 2016 edition check out more than the 2018? I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with the guy holding the pick axe on the cover.

#3. Pokemon Visual Companion


I swear I check copies of this book in and out every single day.

#2. Minecraft: Redstone Handbook


One of these days I’ll find out exactly what a Redstone is.

#1. Minecraft Essential Handbook


And there you have it, folks.  Out of the top 10, 6 of them had something to do with Minecraft. I’m waiting for this fad to pass, and for a bit, maybe it did, but this year has seen a resurgence.

I’ll leave you with my son and I singing about Minecraft and Pokemon books.