This week I’m sharing another original. There’s really not that much too it, really. I kind of accidentally “wrote” it while messing around playing for my kids, and they loved it. They started singing it all the time, and asking me to play it all the time, so I did.

Reluctantly, (I wasn’t all that impressed with the song), because she begged, I agreed to do it for my daughter’s preschool class at story time and it went over well. The kids all liked it much more than I did at first.

Basically, they stomp around the library rug like elephants, and when it’s time to trumpet, they stop, put their arms in the air like trunks and pretend to trumpet. Then they start marching again.

Here’s the video.

And here are the chords.

C                C         F            G
Elephant Song! Stomp! Stomp!  (x 4)

Am             Em7
Now Trumpet! Trumpet! (x2)

Like I said, not much too it. I hope you like it, and someone out there can use it. It’s kind of fun.

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