Sometimes I’ll have a stand- up-and-dance song planned for a class, but I can tell it just  isn’t going to work on that particular day. Usually, it’s because the class is extra rowdy, and I can just tell there’s going to be some pushing and shoving, or I just know that one  kid is going to dance a little too crazy and “accidentally” smack a friend in the face.

For days like this, it’s nice to have a quiet sitting-down song in your pocket that you can go to whenever you need it. I have a few, and this is one of them. The kids stay seated , and before the song begins,  I ask them to take out their imaginary toothbrushes, and we practice together. ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch. 

It’s a pretty simple two chord song. I usually play it in F, but I’ve played it in G as well. (Just switch out F for G and Bb for C.) If you want it really low, you can play in C. ( C and F)

OR….if it’s that day that you forgot your ukulele, (happens all the time to me) or if you don’t play ukulele and are looking for a good story time song, you can sing it a capella, and snap your fingers and brush along with the kids.

Here are the chords:


My son helped me out this week.

Have a great weekend guys. Happy uking!