“The Silly Dance Contest” is a song I’ve been using for story times for a long time. Much longer than I’ve been playing the ukulele.

Jim Gill

I purchased this Jim Gill cd when I fist started out as a kids’ librarian, and got more than my money’s worth. There are several good songs on here (I did a post on Hands are for Clapping a while back), but the best of them is “The Silly Dance Contest.”

Let me explain how it works. I  play the song.  The kids dance like crazy ,and when I get to the line “Stop when I say freeze” all the kids freeze like a silly statue. Then I pick the person who is in the silliest pose. I tell all of the other kids to look at them, so they can see how silly they look. It helps to know the kids’ names, but there have been story times when I didn’t, so I just point and ask for them what their name is.

There are several verses:  round 1. round 2 (exactly the same as round 1) the jumping round, The fast round, the slow round and the last round (same as round 1)

It ends with me playing down the notes on the top string. I tell the students “As the music gets lower, you get lower” and they end up back on the floor, and get back in their spots, ready to hear the next book.

Here are the chords. It’s an easy two-chord song, which I love. I also play it in F sometimes if I have a cold or something, or if I just feel like singing a little lower that day. (The notes would be F and C instead of G and D)

Here I am playing it for a summer story time last year. It gets cut off before the very end, when the students all sit back down, but you can the gist of it, I hope.

It’s a fun song, and the one my students request the most. I hope that someone out there can use it!