A few weeks ago, I introduced an idea I had, about  hiding the Pigeon in the library for my students to find. The idea is, whoever finds the pigeon gets to check out an extra book. I had some reservations, in the beginning. I foresaw widespread chaos, but for the most part, it has been a lot of fun.

I like to hide him in the same places throughout the day, and see which classes can find him the quickest. There hasn’t really been a solid answer to that question. Sometimes the older students are faster, but often, the younger students will find him in a place right away where it took the 5th graders several minutes and a lot of begging. “PLEEEEAAASE Give us a hint, Mr. Martin!”(I never give in.)

I will say, that for some reason, girls are much better at finding the Pigeon than boys. About 75% of the time, it will be a girl that finds him. Maybe they pay better attention to detail, and notice when something is different? I dunno.

Here are some of the places that the Pigeon likes to hide.


The graphic novel section is pretty busy, so he likes to hide him there pretty often.



Yesterday, he made himself a little shelter on one of the picture book tables. Funny thing is, it took the 5th graders like 20 minutes to find him here. A first grader walked right up to him as soon as class started.


The shadowy recesses of a nonfiction shelf is often a very good hiding place.


“Heights? I ain’t afraid of no heights!”

So far, the only minor annoyance has been that during our quiet reading time after book checkout, it’s very tempting for a student to squeeze him to hear him talk. (Fun fact. It’s Mo Willems’ voice recorded in the Pigeon) So we’ll all be sitting there absorbed in our books when all of a sudden Pigeon shouts. “LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!” But really, that’s a small thing, and easily taken care of. All in all, I would say Find the Pigeon has been a big success.