There are tons of great things about the Elephant and Piggie books. Odds are if you know me, you know how passionate about I am about them. I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever get one, it will probably be Piggie and Gerald (or maybe a Pigeon hiding in an armpit or something?) One of my students’ favorite things, though, is finding the Pigeon in the E & P closing endpapers.


He’s not just in the Elephant and Piggie books, either. He likes to hide in nearly all of Mo Willems’ books (I say nearly, because I’m not so sure about City Dog, Country Frog. It seems it would inappropriate for the Pigeon to be hiding in such a somber book)

Well, anyways an idea struck me the other day, and I ordered this guy.


The Elephant and Piggie plushes are very popular here, and I thought it might be fun if I got a Pigeon plush and hid him in different places in the library and let the kid who finds him check out an extra book that day.

Yes, I foresee the problems. There might be fighting over the Pigeon. There will be lots of arguing as to who found him first. I will definitely get tired of hiding him after a week or so, but for now, I think it could be fun. Who knows? I might regret it. Heck, I probably will, but I’m going to do it anyways. It will be fun for a little while, and I can always stop hiding him if I decide it’s becoming a headache. So there you have it. Starting Monday, it’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Hidden in the Library!!!!